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New Adult Bible Classes will begin on January 14.

When: Every Sunday
Where: Room 111
Who: All Interested
Teacher: Bob Brown

Each week this class takes a portion of scripture and discusses how it impacted people then, and how it impacts us now.  The study will be in the book of Luke.

Lecciones de Doctrina Biblica
Cuand:todos los domingos
Donde: Habitacion #114
Quien: Hablando Espanol
Profesor: Edwin Alas

Miles de estudiantes de la Biblia se ha beneficiado de este utilísimo libro en el transcurso de varios años. Cubre los temas bàsicos de la enseñanza cristiana con una presentación clara y fàcil de seguir.

With All Your Heart, Being God’s Presence to Our World By Ray Vander Laan
When: January 14 – April 1
Where: Room 112
Leader: Kent Langum and Preston Peirson
Who: All Interested
Join renowned teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan as he guides you through the lands of the Bible. In each lesson, Vander Laan illuminates the historical, geographical, and cultural context of the sacred Scriptures. Filmed on location in the Middle East, the That the World May Know ® film series will transform your understanding of God and challenge you to be a true follower of Jesus.

Crossing The Waters
When: January 14 – February 25
Where: Room 113
Leader: Aimee Mayer
Who: Women

In this 6-part series, join us on a journey through the life of Christ. Author, Leslie Leyland Fields leads us across the waters of time and culture out onto the Sea of Galilee, through a rugged season of commercial fishing with her family in Alaska, and through the waters of the New Testament beside the ragtag fishermen disciples. Her own story and her fresh insights will challenge our understanding of Jesus and what it means to “Come, follow me.”

I Promise by Gary Smalley
When: January 14 – February 18
Where: Room 115
Leaders: Tony & Holly Streck
Who: Couples
I Promise was created following 5 years of research and will help you to develop a marriage where you both have the freedom to be open and secure without fear of being criticized, blamed or judged by each other.

Your Time Starved Marriage
When: February 25-April 1
Designed by relationship experts Les and Leslie Parrott, this six-session curriculum for small groups shows husbands and wives caught up in life’s fast pace how to reclaim their time together.