Here at RCC, we believe children are important! God uses them now and will use them in the future as well! We have tons of fun in every class and group, while teaching some very important Biblical information and concepts to the kids. We want children to understand that they are safe at RCC, that God loves them, that He sent His son to save them, that He has a plan for each of them individually, and that the place to go to find answers is the Bible!
We have several opportunities for kids to hook into God's work at RCC!
Sunday: Wednesday:
8:15 am - Children's Church 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm - WoW Kidz!
9:45 am - Children's Sunday School
11:00 am - Children's Church

Below is a running Blog of Upcoming Events, Photos, and Updates from the Children's Ministry!

RCC Kids: April Events & Update

RCC Kids! April Events: April 9 Girls Tea Party Girls Tea Party at 4 pm in the Fellowship Hall! This is going to be a fun way for mothers, daughters, and all girls to dress up and enjoy a beautiful afternoon. Ladies in the Women's Ministry have been kind enough to host this special event for our girls! Thanks ladies!!! April 19 Big Serve It is time for our Big Serve on Wednesday night! Bring your kids, just like normal, on Wednesday night, but we will be changing things up! We are going to be baking items for the bake sale that will be happening on April 23rd after church, in the gym. This bake sale is to raise money for Paul and Mary Wilson, our Missionaries in the Philippines.…
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Children’s Ministry Update

March 12  Amplified!! New event for the whole family in the gym! Experience how to amplify Christ in your family!  Time: 5:30-7:00 pm, bring a main dish and side to share! Also, this Sunday will be the first week we will change up first service! Check in your kids, just like normal, before the 8:15 am service.  Then, Kameesha will escort them across to the adult worship service!  This will be super enriching for the kids to get to experience and observe the adults worship!  After the worship portion of the service, Kameesha will escort them to the Children’s Area where they will have a lesson and play games!  They can be picked up, normally, at the Hub! March 15  Wednesday Night!  We will be shaking up our typical Wednesday…
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