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We are so glad you stopped by.  We wanted to give you a description of who we are as a congregation.  RCC is a body of around 225 people that assemble multiple times each week, sometimes on campus, sometimes off campus.  We are an Independent Christian Church, led by godly elders.  Our goal is to model our beliefs and community interactions after the New Testament church you read about in the book of Acts.  Below are some frequently asked questions that many people seeking to find a church ask.

What is this church’s focus?

RCC is striving to be a church of Disciples Creating Disciples.  That is a short statement with a lot of legs to it.  We believe that each believer should be in an environment where someone is teaching and training them to live faithfully, as well as be able to lovingly share the truth of the gospel with others.  We do this in the spirit of Romans 1:16-we are not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.  We strive to disciple and create disciples by experiencing authentic community with one another.  That means that relationships are our top priority in all things.  We weren’t meant to do this alone, and through God’s design, the church, we never have to do it alone!

What kind of worship services do you have?

We have two identical worship services on Sundays, one at 8:15am and one at 11am.  We have more of a modern style of worship with a full praise band.  Though we will sing a hymn with some regularity, it is accompanied with modern instrumentation.

How should I dress?

Most of our people dress casually.  Long sleeved shirts, polos and t-shirts are all the norm as well as slacks, jeans and shorts.  “Come as you are” really means something around here.

How long are your worship services?

We strive to complete our services in an hour and fifteen minutes.

Is there something for my children?

Yes!  We have excellent nursery care as well as children’s programming.

Will you ask me to stand up and share my name?

No!  We want you to be able to step in at your own pace.  However, we strive to be a friendly church.  Understand that our goal is that you would be welcomed by a number of introductions and hand shakes.  This is not to make you feel awkward, but to help you experience the sense of community that exists here.